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Blue Moon OOC
Just Business
Psyche Valdet 
27th-Aug-2005 05:50 am
Full Name: Psyche Valdet
Nickname(s): Fangs, Lady Psyche Master of Winds and Beasts, Fanged Beauty
Age: 145
Apparent Age: Early to Mid 20’s
Species: Mixed heritage Unseelie Sidhe X Vampire
Physical Description:
-Eyes: Inner Ring-Electric Purple/ Mid Ring-Molten Gold/ Outer Ring- Electric Blue (They have a perpetual glow to them.
-Hair: White and catches light like crystal prisms
-Height: 5’6”
-Weight: Slender
PB: Izabella Miko EDIT: Mandy Moore (She fits better I think)
Personality: She’s fun loving and energetic. She can seem quite serious at times and at other be very out going and a bit hyper. She doesn’t put up with people’s crap most of the time unless she has to. She’s not afraid to go after what she wants, whenever she wants, and she’ll use any means possible to get it. (if she want’s it bad enough)
Occupation: Was a manager at Excalibur in Vegas. Now she’s in between occupations.
Affiliation: Seeking JC’s permission to stay in his territory as one of his vamps.
History: Psyche was born to Ciara Yevenne. Who before Psyche’s birth had murdered her husband and fled the mounds, leaving behind a son. She traveled to London hoping to avoid being found by her Seelie brethren. She eventually met up with a vampire who became her lover, and by using the Seelie aphrodisiac that’s use had been outlawed outside the Sidhee mounds, Ciara was thus impregnated.
Seven months after birthing Psyche in 1860, her brother-in-law caught up with her. Exacting his revenge for his brothers’ murder Psyche was left alone. Upon finding the now orphaned babe near her mothers corpse, Bret Valdet took her into his heart and his home naming her Psyche and giving her his surname.
Valdet who had been a hit man for the local Mafia and occasionally aided the local Vampires, each keeping the others identity a secret from the local authorities, he brought Psyche to them to draw up the proper paperwork. It was lucky that he had ties to the Vampires because it was not long before he realized that the child he had taken in was part vampire. Discovering this when she became hungry and sank her fangs into his meaty fore arm. It took all his strength plus that of two of his friends to pull the hungry babe off. Refusing to turn her out in the cold and not wanting to send her to live with the local vamps he contacted them and asked for their advice. The Master, Vitorio became like an uncle to Psyche. Teaching her vampire politics and etiquette, as well as enlightening her to the ways of the Council. With the hope that she would avoid all contact with them if possible. Little did he know that she was to later find that Traveler was her birth father.
As she got older she became more and more fascinated with the inner workings of the Mafia. And disliking how little rights women had she quickly decided to fill her fathers shoes. Valdet would have liked to be upset about the matter but was instead very pleased. She was an efficient assassin. Loving to hunt she fit right in with the men and the normal lines between men and women were no longer apparent in her dealings with the Mafia. The vampires on the other hand insisted upon treating her like a lady of the times. Although they did treat her with more respect then a normal women of her station, recognizing that she was in fact a very worthy adversary.
It was an outing with some girl friends that she came to find who her biological father was. Thinking that she was her mother Traveler called out to her. When she didn’t turn Traveler grabbed her by the arm and spun her around. Apologizing profusely when he realized that she was not Ciara. “You probably knew my mother,” She had said. That had confused him at first. But she quickly explained that she had been orphaned shortly after birth. Upon further discussion and some vampire mind tricks, that did not go as effectively as he would have liked, it was discerned that she was in fact his daughter. He tried to talk her into accompanying him home but she steadfastly refused. Remembering the stories that Vitorio had told her about the council. He insisted that they make arrangements for her to at least come and visit. She agreed and did in fact go to visit but insisted that Vitorio accompany her. She had correspondence with Traveler on a regular basis from then until the death of her father. Upon which she chose to find her mothers people in Illinois. There she learned the cause of her mothers’ death. And though she wanted to avenge Ciara she saw little point, as the woman was not even present in her memories. She was happy to get to meet her half brother, Drakken, who happened to be one of the Queens Ravens. And saddened to find that his mother was in fact dead. He didn’t seem to have cared much for his father and was not at all upset that Ciara had murdered the man. Nor was he bothered by the fact that his mother had just up and left him. After all he had been at least 26 by the time his mother had left. He begged her to stay but she refused not at all pleased to be in the presence of the Queen. She suggested that she come and visit on occasion but she found that to be out of the question. So she promised to write regularly. Which she did for a while but slowly that dwindled away and she was once again on her own. Which was fine by her.
Because of her Sidhe blood she was able to travel from place to place undetected by the local vamps. She joined up with traveling a couple circuses for a while. Enjoying each for a while. At other times she’d hire herself out as a hit man. Though most seemed hesitant to hire a woman. Even after women were beginning to get their rights. She did return to London from time to time to visit Vitorio. And she sent him Christmas cards and presents yearly. He only started sending her things in return when she finally settled in Vegas in the ‘60s. Finding life as a Vegas showgirl very agreeable.
When the son of the man she originally began work with took over she had already been seeing him. It was always on the side and he did eventually marry keeping Psyche as his mistress. Which suited her just fine. His wife dying well before him and leaving him childless. He chose to leave the Casino to her when he died in 1995 at the ripe old age of 85. It surprised her that he would do such a thing. But she was pleased that he had. Although it brought a new brand of trouble with it. Suddenly she was in the spotlight. Far more then she had ever been before. She couldn’t sneak off as easily for a hired hit as she had as a showgirl. Now everyone in Vegas seemed to know her by name.
And with that came the attention of the Vegas vampires. The master, Xander, taking a particular interest in her. It was a while before he figured out that she was a vampire as well as fey. He tried endlessly to call her to him. Realizing that she wasn’t going to come he had begun trying other means to convince her. Becoming tiered of his antics she decided it was time for a move and began shopping around. Vitorio suggested that she come back to London for a spell. But that wasn't at all what she wanted to do. But she did start using London as a kind of summer home. Then they began hearing of the Master in St. Louis. And that began to look like it could be a safe haven for her. So it took a while but she soon decided to go ahead and make the move.

(( hehehe you said as many as I could handel! ^-~
fendress ))
27th-Aug-2005 02:44 pm (UTC)
That I did. Go for it. I love the intricacies of the character.
29th-Aug-2005 10:29 pm (UTC)
As do I she sounds like fun ^.~
30th-Aug-2005 02:46 am (UTC)
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