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Blue Moon OOC
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The Rules 
13th-Aug-2005 10:40 pm

1. BE ACTIVE. This role play will only thrive as long as it has active members. So please...try to log on as often as possible.

2. This rp will be composed of personal character journals, comments in character journals, and scenes done in the main journal. Those scenes can be done either through comments or an AIM Log that is cut and pasted to the main journal. Whatever you do...just make sure it is labeled appropriately and put in the correct journal.

3. No God Modding. It's just rude.

4. Keep all OOC problems OOC. If you don't like another player, fine. Just don't let it ruin the game.

7. The main storyline of the rp is...well there is no main storyline right now. I figure that will come. If anyone has any ideas, please...post them in bluemoon_ooc.

8. Stay as true to character as possible. And as true to the spirit of the books.

9. Slash, sex, violence, and torture are all allowed. Just make sure any post containing these elements displays a warning.

9. Have Fun!
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